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Take your style to the next level with customised one-of-a-kind pieces. Dare to be different and bring your boldest looks to life. Go beyond pre-made, and create something truly unique. Your investment for bespoke items begins at $100 to have a one of a kind piece. Stand out in a crowd and ‘do you’!

We would be delighted to customise an item for you. We work with you to create a piece of wearable art that is timeless and unique to you..... !

Your investment starts at 100$ +cost of standard item+ plus shipping.

If you prefer a colour apart from our standard (black or grey for hooded dresses) that is an additional 10$+.

If you prefer a different fabric we can send you a selection of fabrics to choose from 50$.

If you require additional elements on your item (e.g; non standard sleeves, bespoke hood, embellishments, additional layers etc) those are additional costs.

Kindly note that customisation is not offered through our website, you order directly through us at and we then create a invoice tailored to your personalized order. This can be paid by transfer or ZELLE or CASHAPP.

Our customisation process is approximately a 3 week/15 business day process (it can be less or longer than this) and is often as follows:

Once we receive payment:-
(The days listed below are business days and are approximate times)

1 day- client sends in the content (for hooded dresses this would be for the artwork)

3-4days- we prepare a draft

2 days -client reviews draft

3-4 days -we resubmit updated draft or artwork for review

1 day -client review/approval if applicable

3 -4 days-create the garment.(s)

3 -4 days-print velvet applique artwork on item if applicable.

1 day- item(s) is ready for shipping.
Remember, these are approximate times.


 Please contact us to obtain & provide more details


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